Matthew Routley

This is a great example of using the tidyverse for graph analysis #rstats

A good reminder to choose your models carefully when trying to prove something

An interesting article about changes in our perspective on Neanderthals. They are no longer primitive brutes

Cool research showing that embryos use an optimal Bayesian decoder to coordinate development

A timely article on how Pi led to infinity and calculus

Although I’m late to reading Michael Lewis’ The Long Short, it’s hard to believe it is non-fiction. The story of the sub-prime mortgage crisis is incredible 📚

Thanks to @t_rig for the great goodr sunglasses

Emma’s hair has gone curly

Great to be back at the Royalton! 🏖

This was a really good episode of the Mindscape podcast all about the multi-worlds theory of quantum physics

Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking is a fun book. Clear and concise answers to some important questions, written with Hawking’s whimsy and fully demonstrating his impressive curiosity 📚

Lots of fresh snow today

Although I’m disappointed the Counterpart wasn’t renewed for a third season, the second season ended really well. Definitely one of my favourite shows of the past few years.

Finished reading: Wool by Hugh Howey 📚

I’ve been intrigued by Stoicism for a while now and How to Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci is a great introduction to the ideas and practices of the Stoics. I particularly appreciated how Pigliucci made the practice applicable to modern day issues. 📚

I find these attempts to generate quantum theory from simple postulates fascinating, even though I barely understand them

School ski trip 🎿

I committed to a 🚴 challenge before checking my results to see if it was reasonable. So, had to conduct some excessive #rstats to see if I was in trouble…

After just two episodes, I’m definitely enjoying season 2 of Star Trek Discovery more than season 1. There were good parts of season 1, but overall it didn’t hold together for me. Regardless, always great to have new Star Trek

After four great ski days, we rested our legs in the hot springs today

Another great ski day

The Nugget Squad

Another glorious day